My paintings come from a deep appreciation for my daily life.  I paint moments of discovery, the things and scenes I see every day that cause me to pause and ponder.  Like a magician, I am hoping to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary to thedelight of my audience, by engaging the viewer in a new reality that elevates everyday subject matter into moments of transcendence.

What I paint, my subject matter, comes from living my daily life. I am deeply aware of my American roots and feel blessed to be living in the United States, enjoying a safe and comfortable life. I am always looking for inspiration and always finding it in my local surroundings. I walk everywhere, because this slow form of transportation allows me to enjoy the people, places and things I would miss if I were zooming by in a car.  As I walk, I pull out my cell phone and take snapshots of whatever interests me. I am not a photographer by any means. Later on, in my studio, I examine my pictures and usually there are a few that remind me of a compelling moment that eventually becomes a painting. I also carry a sketchbook with me so that I can make notes and small thumbnail drawings regarding composition, light, colors and feelings. 

I love the mystery of life. I am drawn to nocturnes, or night scenes, because of the dramatic qualities of the evening light.  Darkness lends itself to rich colors and enigmatic shadows, guiding me towards the inexplicable that resides within each of us. I am inspired by water for many of the same reasons. Rivers and lakes are inscrutable; we never know exactly what lies below the surface.  Ideas like this free my mind and open up my imagination to new channels of creativity and growth. 

As an oil painter, I aim to create powerful visual observations by using and reinventing the traditional artistic elements ofcomposition, shape, color, value and light. My expressionistic color and texture allow me to voice a very personal vision of the world and I hope the viewer will be drawn into the painting, feeling pleasure by the way the eye can travel around the canvas. I experiment with composition and unusual points of view because I think we can all benefit from new perspectives.  I don't think I will ever run out of ideas for paintings because I look for and I see beauty, everywhere I go.  As nature changes, my subject matter evolves naturally to reflect my connection to life. 

As an artist, I am expressing my admiration for the unique charm and the perfect moments that surround us every day. I have a theory that the more personal the visual memoir I can create, the more universal the experience I can share. To quote abstract painter Agnes Martin, “Happiness is being on the beam with life - to feel the pull of life”.